State Employees

An alarming trend is upon us.
According to the Association of Schools of Public Health, more than 100,000 government public health workers who comprise 33% of the state and 34% of the local public health workforce will be eligible to retire by 2012.   That could put the health of South Dakotans at risk.  One way to fill the gap is to strengthen support for public health education and training.

You know what matters.
On the front lines of public health, you see the need for focused public health legislation. However, as a government employee, you don’t have an opportunity to advocate for your cause. Now you can.

By joining the SDPHA, you’ll be part of a unified voice fighting for what matters. In the past, we’ve successfully helped lobby for mandatory seat belt use, restricted smoking in public places, prohibition of the sale of tobacco to minors, and age-appropriate immunizations of children.

Why you should join.
Your membership costs only $35/year. For that, you get to add your voice to the equation via new channels of communication with various organizations:

  • Civic groups
  • Non-profits
  • Faith institutions
  • Community centers
  • Employers
  • Tribal health groups
  • Neighborhood organizations
  • Higher education institutions

Remember, without your service, there would be no public health. Give us a chance to work for you!

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