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How can you make a difference in public health?
You are already a part of public health efforts.  For example, every time you recycle you are part of public health. Your support helps us to protect and improve the health of communities through education, healthy lifestyle promotion, provision of needed services, and disease and injury prevention.

Think of us as the catalyst.
The SDPHA brings together the elements of public health and provides a medium for a discussion of health and wellness issues. This discussion is kept current through a quarterly newsletter sent to every member and partner of the SDPHA, including:

  • Medical practices and businesses
  • State and local health departments
  • Students entering the medical field
  • People like you who have an interest in health issues

Why you should join.
Imagine where we’d be without public health efforts such as immunizations or food sanitation. The SDPHA had a hand in supporting both. Not to mention mandatory seat belt usage and restrictions on smoking in public places.

Add your voice to the thousands of others who already advocate for public health in the halls of our legislature. Your membership for only $35/year will go toward:

  • Providing educational opportunities for the public health workforce and for SDPHA members
  • Increasing community awareness of public health services
  • Initiating and supporting needed legislative action on specific health concerns
  • Enhancing the organization, financing, coordination and delivery of public health services to South Dakotans

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