About Us

Who is SDPHA?
We are a trade organization comprised of public health professionals from health systems, state and local health departments, institutions of higher education, non-profit associations, allied health and medical students, and other individuals who recognize the need for public health awareness.

We promote public health through utilizing the combined networks of our members.  We successfully provide professional development, current public health information and resources, the SD Public Health Conference, and much more. We advocate for all pubic health issues and on behalf of our members and supporters, including those in the state legislature. And we’ve even helped craft essential public health policies that have directly benefited the people of South Dakota.

SDPHA Goals:

  1. To promote interest in public health throughout South Dakota
  2. To develop, extend, and coordinate public health activities
  3. To aid in developing legislation for the improvement of public health.

The SDPHA encourages all members to follow the foundation for public health activities.

  1. Monitor health status of communities
  2. Diagnose and investigate health problems
  3. Inform, educate and empower people
  4. Mobilize communities to address health problems
  5. Develop policies and plans
  6. Enforce laws and regulations
  7. Link people to needed health services
  8. Assure a competent workforce
  9. Evaluate health services
  10. Conduct research for new innovations

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